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Rosie Avila – Author | Speaker | Trainer

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Check Out Rosie's New Book!

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Republicans do not understand the problems and Democrats do not understand the solutions. Is it any wonder that America is in crisis?
The good news is that we can quickly restore America. This book provides the winning plan.
America Needs A Superhero is a fun, quick read, full of inspiring stories from Rosie’s experience as an elected school board member, candidate for Congress and her work in the inner city.
We all need to find out what happened to America and what we need to do in this critical hour!

Training Topics

Hire Rosie to come and speak
or to train your organization

Volunteer Training

Mobilizing thousands into the community

Leadership Training

Transforming our inner cities. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Illegal Immigration

"Rule of Law" and "loving our neighbor"

Social Justice, Socialism and Other Hot Topics

Poverty and income inequality vs. biblical prosperity
Watch Rosie speak at a recent event discussing the battle for America and the need for a superhero!

About Rosie Avila

• Santa Ana School Board Member, 17 years
• Biola University Trustee, 20 years
• 2008 Candidate for U.S. Congress
• Founder and President of two non-profit organizations serving inner city youth

• B.A. in Social Science
• Elementary Teaching Credential
• Masters in Organizational Leadership
• President’s Commission on Whitehouse Fellows

• Married for 42 years to Jim Avila
• Mother of 5, Grandmother of 8

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