The Battle for America

The Battle for America

The Battle for America

2016 has been a crazy election cycle. Beginning with 17 Republican candidates for President which were given two different levels for debate time, there seemed to be so many qualified excellent conservatives that wished to serve the people. But in the end we were left with two choices: former first lady Hilary Clinton and Donald J. Trump, a celebrity brash billionaire businessman.

The liberal media thought it was a shoe-in for Hilary, particularly with their slanted media coverage. But Trump out foxed them with his fingers on a Twitter account. Trump spoke straight to the people, bypassing the media, and defied conventional campaign wisdom, with no real organization and ground game. It was a new world in politics.

The media was confused, covering Trump’s every tweet. Democrats were confused and many jumped ship to join the Trump forces. Conservatives were confused because Trump did not look like, sound like or talk like a conservative. But in the end, despite his moral failings, his genuine boyish unabashed honesty and political choices won the conservatives and faith community over.

Now the Battle for America begins. The forces of resistance are strong, but Trump’s ambitions and determination also strong. And with House and Senate majorities the war is in his favor, at least for now.

America is in trouble, the stakes are high, as we are fighting for our very existence; the continuation of a free people, respect for our founding documents, and an educated people.

I have written a book called, America Needs A Superhero. This has never been truer than it is today. We need a Superhero to come and save us from our pending destruction. How many of you watched Mighty Mouse cartoons? Remember the theme song, “Here he comes to save the day!” As young children we watched in horror as the sweet beautiful damsel was tied to a log and sent down the conveyor belt or water trough to the saw mill where a large circular blade was waiting to cut her in half. But just before she reached the blade, Mighty Mouse, swooped down and untied her, gathered her in his arms and saved her just in time!

We have all been praying for that to happen, for God to send us a deliverer. And many think Donald Trump is just that Superhero. It was definitely a miracle that he won. First he was most people’s last choice as a candidate, second, he won the nominee without the Republican establishment’s full support and finally lost the election’s popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, but in the end he prevailed in the Electoral College. And that is where it counted! Franklin Graham, evangelist Billy Graham’s son, said. “It was an act of God.” Graham led thousands to pray in all 50 state capitals and God answered their prayers.

In this battle for America, “Is Trump truly the Superhero we have been waiting for?” Before I explain, I will answer the question, “Perhaps yes, and actually no.” In fact both Dr. James Dobson who supported Trump and Glenn Beck who opposed him could both be right.

Here is why I say that. God gives a formula for healing and restoring a nation that has gone off track. God says if we do three things, he will do three things:

1) We are to pray, 2) seek his face and 3) turn from our wicked ways, then He will 1) hear from heaven, 2) forgive our sins, 3) heal our land.

For the last 30 years many of us have prayed. We prayed with half a million people in DC at the Capitol Mall with the Washington for Jesus rally. Then there were nationwide America for Jesus rallies in different state stadiums. Bill Bright the president of the largest non-profit organization, Campus Crusade for Christ, asked everyone to fast and pray. He called nearly 700 pastors to meet together and actually fast for the country, many joined in and fasted personally for 40 days. Lou Engels raised up the Call2All having 100,000 young people praying in stadiums and convention centers, school children too prayed at their school’s flag poles. CWA raised up 500,000 women to pray in home groups, churches opened their doors for the National Day of Prayer. Franklin Graham went to every state capitol to pray for a godly leader to arise. On Election Day 2016 people gathered to pray. Face it we prayed! So let’s rejoice.

We prayed, and God says, if we pray he will hear from heaven. We check number one off of our list. Secondly, we are to “Seek God’s face.” Well, with all of the confusion of this last election, with two flawed candidates, with two very different worldviews, we definitely had to look to God. We had nowhere to turn to but to seek God’s face. The question wasn’t who is the right candidate, but who had God’s values? When Trump and Hilary debated partial birth abortion, we had to seek God’s face. We looked up, and asked, “How do you feel about abortion, particularly partial birth abortion?”
“Does it make you sad, or worse does it make you mad?”
“What about bribery, ‘pay to play’ schemes?”
“How do you feel about it?”

The Bible says God hates bribery. That could not be clearer. He hates it, even if it is prevalent in our society. God hates it. Ok, how about lewd language? God hates that too. And if someone apologizes what are we to do? Forgive. Okay, we will forgive. The Bible says you can tell a person by his friends. Would you rather have George Soros and Bill Ayers or Dr. Ben Carson and Governor Mike Huckabee?   And on and on it went. What does God say, how does he feel? The Christian community sought God’s face and voted in mass on Election Day.

Yes, we prayed and God heard from heaven. We sought his face and chose righteousness. So guess what! God has forgiven our national sins. “Hip Hip Hurray, all is well! We are forgiven!” That is good news. Now hold on a second. We are not done. Number three is the hardest thing to do. We NOW must turn from our wicked ways, then He will heal our land. Who will heal the land? No it is not Trump. Only God can heal the land. He is the healer! Trump is being used by God to give us another chance. To protect our religious liberty. To give a voice to our pastors. But only God can heal the land. And only God can do that through us, through each of us doing our part to restore America.

Remember Nehemiah. The people had been in captivity, away from their country. Now it was time to return to the land. But the walls were broken down in Jerusalem. Nehemiah wept and had a plan, a strategy to get the walls rebuilt. Each one had to repair the brokenness near them. He called the people together; they loved the vision and had a heart to work. They gave up their time and worked. They laid down their regular schedules and made sacrifices to come and work on the wall.

We too have to individually pray, seek God’s face and find out what He wants us individually to do. If He gives us an assignment, we need to turn from our life of comfort and leisure and go fix the brokenness in society and individual lives. It is time to preach the good news to the poor, set the captives free, and encourage those that are bruised by the deep pains of life. It is time to arise and fight for righteousness. It is time to deliver a personal heavenly father to the fatherless and visit the widows and single mothers. Then He will heal the land. He will heal the land through his people working together to get the job done. So let us now turn from our wicked ways of self-indulgence, materialism and unconcern and go fix or rebuild the inner cities, broken lives and God will heal the land through us.

Yes, we have prayed and God has heard from Heaven, we have sought his face and on Election Day, God’s people chose God’s ways. President Trump has a strong desire to make America great again, to fix the inner cities and return us back to our founding principles. But if we do not obey God in this critical hour, we will have missed a window of opportunity, we will have missed God’s plan and in so doing we will incurred the wrath of God, who made a way for us but we would not repent, we would not turn.

But if we do not turn from our wicked ways of self indulgence, we will find out that Glenn Beck is right.   Trump will be forced to act in the flesh to force us to behave because we have not acted in the spirit. Trump cannot make America great again, only a moral and religious people can. Only we can.

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